AIR - Mid Century White and Brass Kinetic Mobile Sculpture

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Made with fins in two shades of white and the upper elements in brass, this mobile will be a beautiful accessory to a monochromatic or scandi style interior. This design originated from a sketch as an idea of leaves on a tree.

Designed as a hanging mobile this would be best suited to be placed as a focal point above a dining space; hanging in a stairwell; a double volume space or to add interest to a room corner.

Each solid aluminium shape is worked by hand, shaped, linished and then finished in two shades of white. The brass elements are linished with a pattern to reflect the light as the mobile moves.The elements are light with good movement as the air current sends the mobile into motion.

38" high and 32" wide (980mm high x 820mm wide)
Ready to hang with 31" (800mm) of silvered jewellery chain and ceiling hooks.
The rods are stainless steel.

Mobiles as they turn on their slow trajectory bring an element of tranquility and calmness to the space.

This design is available in other color ways.